Friday, March 13, 2009

Kohler and Chase

Established in 1850 by Andrew Kohler. First music store in San Francisco. A bit of history here.

(The "Chase" of "Kohler and Chase" was Quincy A. Chase. Andrew Kohler was his uncle. Quincy (born 1830 in Freeport, Maine) joined him in 1853 after a 6 month journey around the horn.)

The earthquake of 18 April 1906. Kohler and Chase is on the left corner. Still standing, but not for long...

Kohler and Chase Piano building, burning, but I'm not sure from which street. (I'm not even sure if it's the same building.)

After the quake and fire!

The new building on O'Farrell, built after the quake:

Here's a shot of the O'Farrell entrance:

The same building, today. No, it's no longer in the family.

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brigitte germain said...

Merveilleux! J'adore ces photos, elles me font rever.