Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Raleigh Sprite 27 5-speed

Here's a picture of the Raleigh "Sprite 27" 5-speed that I picked up on ebay earlier this year. It was in surprisingly good condition. As you can see in the picture, I've added to it the basket, a bell, new handgrips (the original grips were very hard and would become painful during long bike rides), and a new, more comfortable saddle.

The new saddle is a Brooks B66, which replaces the original, uncomfortable saddle that arrived with the bike. It's a vast improvement both in comfort and in looks. (By the way, the Brooks saddle wasn't cheap -- it cost me more than the bike did!)

I use it mainly for around-town riding (to the grocery or book store, for example), but it really is a bit too heavy if riding, say, to have lunch with a friend who's about 7 miles away. Which is why I'm now working on my singlespeed conversion...


eff you blogger, i want to delete my account said...

I have this same bike! I just found out it has a cracked headset and is about to die :(. I'm so bummed. Let me know if you see another one like this for sale?

Jeff said...

Sorry to hear about the cracked headset! Wish I could help -- my best advice would be for you to keep an eye on Craig's List, etc, for replacement bikes/parts. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi eff you blogger, i want to delete my account,

Not sure if you're anywhere near New York, but I've just posted an old Sprite 27 on craigslist.
I'm open to offeres if you're interested.